Who am I? A personal introduction

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Who am I? A personal introduction

Post by OZ on Sat May 20, 2017 10:14 pm

Please feel free to use the Introductions category to introduce yourself.

How did you find out about the radio?

What are you looking to use it for?

Have you had any experiences with it?

I will start this thread of by saying that I am grateful that the lord has provided this radio to help us all in this transition to our new state of being. As a collective consciousness, all of existence is currently in the process of shifting. We can easily see it in the projection we call "the world" but we can also all feel the change within us. We are becoming more heart centered, more loving, and because of this, the veils of perception are changing. We are able to see through the lies that once created our delusion and intuitively feel that which is most in alignment with our creator. In western beliefs and certain religious belief systems, we were conditioned to believe that we were separate from the creator and creation but now the truth is coming out. The yogis, saints and spiritual teachers of the past have all said the same thing, we are one, we are the creator having the experience of being a human being. There is no separation, there is only one. The process of ascension, enlightenment, self-realization, is all about remembering our true nature. That we are the creator experiencing it's own mind from the perspective of the human being. We see this reality from a bottom up perspective where we believe we need to rise however when we reach a state of full realization, we will learn to perceive existence from top down. This was the experience of Jesus, Buddha, Mahavatar Babji and many saints and yogis.

I grew up having the experience of Osmin Camero, the ego that was created to have an experience that it was separate from the all. Incarnation over incarnation we have re-experienced the memories of God bringing us to this current time in our journey where we learning to strip away the layers of the ego until we able to disassociate ourselves with the ego and perceive ourselves for who we are.

A couple years ago I experienced a situation where Jessica, the wife that I share this experience with, had a stroke which lead to many other complications. Western medicine said there was nothing they could do. She continued to have TIAs (Transient ischemic attack), stroke like symptoms, which kept damaging her brain. Her memory was affected and it was causing blackouts along with many other symptoms. The doctors gave her a year.

I would not accept this and asked God to help me. There had to be something that we could do.

Not too long after this I started to learn about metaphysics and was introduced to energy medicine. The entire summer was spent learning healing modality after healing modality and practicing on Jessica. Qigong,Reiki, Quantum Touch, Matrix Energetics and Emotion Code to name a few. Over time Jessica got better and now she is in the best condition ever. The TIAs stopped, all of the damage was healed and she continued to get better. She is physically and mentally in the best shape she has ever been. Her diabetes corrected itself and even her vision is getting better. Every time she has gone to the eye doctor they have had to change her prescription. The more I saw these changes the further I dived in. I was being shown that there were other possibilities in this existence. That the world I thought I knew could not have been further from the truth.

As I continued to learn more, I started to focus more on the spiritual aspects of it all. Through meditations and the teachings of Buddha, I eventually ended up practicing Falun Dafa. This started my journey on connecting with spirit as more than just something to fulfill my needs; to perceive source. This lead me to the "Autobiography of a Yogi" by Paramahansa Yogananda and my introduction to Kriya Yoga. From there everything changed exponentially. The Kriya practice and teachings of Paramanhansa Yogananada have brought me a completely new perception of God and the teachings of Jesus, the original teachings of Jesus. I now dedicate every moment of every day towards the goal of self-realization. Along this process I was given the chance to share what I have been learning and now this is my way of giving back.

God has helped me to find who I am and now I wish to help other aspects to do the same. This radio is just a start to where we are heading, use it to help create comfort in your life but do not stop there. The rabbit hole never ends, keep searching, keep seeking, use the radio to expand your awareness and your perception of the creator and it's creation. Along this process you will discover that you are not separate or different from it. You are in fact IT.

I love you all! <3


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