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Post by OZ on Sun May 21, 2017 6:06 pm

Please use this forum to discuss how you are using the radio to address the topic of self-realization.

This is by far the greatest use for the Cosmic Radio. The changes I have personally experience from this alone is beyond words. By using the radio in conjunction with Kriya Yoga, perception has changed exponentially. The differences are beyond explanation.

This can be used with any practice however, not just Kirya. Every spiritual practice has the same end goal. To take our understanding of the creator and creation from a level of intellectual understanding to intuitive knowing.

Deep meditation allows us to tune ourselves out of this reality and to focus our awareness on God communion. Some of the things that affect our meditation practice however is our thoughts, our attachments to our thoughts and our attachments to this reality. While we are attempting to sit still we are overwhelmed with restlessness and attachments that create reasons not to meditate or to pull us out of the meditation. Even if we are successful in reaching a deep state of meditation, when we come out of it, it can become easy to shift back into our old habits.

By using the radio, we can help eliminate the presets that create those restless thoughts, the attachments to the thoughts and the attachments to the situations that pull us away from wanting to meditate or to pull us out of our meditation early. It will also allow us to get much deeper in our meditations quicker.

One way to look at the scenario is as such.

In the above image we see that the material world is full off darkness and on the opposite end of God, the unmanifested aspect.

Our attachments to this reality, form and separation from the absolute, keep us grounded here. We use meditation to temporarily separate ourselves from our attachments and our senses and make the shift from form to formless where we sit in the presence of the absolute. When we open our eyes, our attachments pull us back down into the material reality. The purpose of meditation is to allow us to release our attachments over time by constantly visiting the unmanifested form until we fully realize that is our true nature. Upon reaching the higher states of self-realization, all attachments fall away by themselves.

By using the radio, we double the efforts of the meditation by releasing the attachments that most ground us in this reality so that each time we sit to meditate, we are closer to the top. This is not meant to eliminate the need for meditation however, it improves our efficiency and speed of realization. It is said that a yogi will use every method and shortcut available to reach their goal of realization. The radio is a viable tool for the process.

It is said that Kriya Yoga is the warp speed method to God. Add the radio and it becomes Ludacris speed.

Some of the benefits that I have noticed using the radio have been, greater perception & awareness, willpower, compassion, increased faith, the releases of hidden fears, disassociation with the ego and much more. I can not say enough for the use of the radio in any spiritual practice.

There is a simple way to address the goal of Self-Realization using a Chart of Concerns however, as the charts have not been discussed yet, we will wait to explain this further. For now, we can simply ask God to address the presets that are grounding us in this reality.


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