What is the Cosmic Radio?

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What is the Cosmic Radio?

Post by OZ on Sun May 28, 2017 10:46 am

What is the Cosmic Radio?

The Cosmic Radio is a consciousness based technology that is used to integrate physical reality, with God, through the field, using a mental architecture for redesigning the mind.

The Cosmic Radio is a consciousness based technology: There are many forms of technology and while the most common definition relates to physical technology, this technology is based on consciousness. It has no physical form and exists as a mental concept. Because of this, there are virtually no limitations to the technology and has unlimited potential. The only limitations are those that are self-imposed through potentials that have not been utilized.

Used to integrate physical reality with God: While we can agree that everything in this manifested reality is a creation of God, many of us do not know how to communicate with it. We go about our days seeing God as a concept that exists outside of ourselves that created a reality we call “our universe” and we are pawns living in it like ants in an ant farm. The truth however, is much further from this. God is a pool of water and we are drops of oil sitting on it. We are not separate from the water but we perceive ourselves as being separate because we see ourselves as being “different.” This difference creates a reality where we see ourselves manifested in a form that is separate from all other forms around us. We see air and “space” between each other however, there is no space. We exist in every form that we perceive around us. Everything is connected and it is only our perception that creates the separation. This device is a stepping stone, taking us from looking at this reality as being separate, to being a part of it, by communicating with God to make changes.

Through the field: The manifested creations of God are all connected in a virtual network similar to the neuro network of a brain. Think about the internet that is being used to access this website. The internet is made up of many computers located all around the world that are all connected together. We connect to that network using our local internet connection and from there, we are able to access whatever information we choose by connecting to different computers on the network.

Using a mental architecture: We are very familiar with physical technology that we can see and touch however, a mental architecture is a concept of the mind. This is the future of where we are heading as a mass consciousness. Jesus once said “These things you will do and greater.” We are at the point now, as a collective, rather than as individuals, to start doing those “greater” things. Jesus was one enlightened being attempting to teach the masses. We are heading into a time of many enlightened beings working together for that same common goal. In this transition, much will change. Our field of science has evolved in ways we never would have predicted just 100 years ago however, our spirituality was left far behind. As a mass consciousness, we discarded spirituality and used science as the sole measuring stick that determines our reality however, our spirituality is now developing at an exponential rate and we will soon see the dissolution of the division between science and spirituality. As we continue to progress in our self-realization we will begin to see that physical technology is not even necessary. Everything we can think of and build using physical materials can also be accomplished through thought. Jesus and many saints and yogis of the past have demonstrated how we can materialize and dematerialize matter at will. This is where we are heading and the Cosmic Radio is a stepping stone in that direction.

For redesigning the mind: Our state of being, our beliefs, our tendencies are all programs that we have either agreed with or disagreed with. These judgements create our potentials as well as our limitations and combined together manifest the reality that we experience on a daily basis. The only way we can ever experience a different reality is to change our perception of life which involves changing our programming. This can be done one of two ways; either a top down method or a bottom up method. We are all very familiar with the bottom up method and use it as a primary way to change our mental programming. If we have a tendency that we do not agree with, we forcefully change our actions and continue to change them over and over until we build new habits. This building of habits then re-writes the old programming with the new and now our state of being is fully changed. With the top down method, nothing is forced and everything happens naturally. In this method, we change the programming in the field which then manifests in the mind as different thoughts which then translate into different actions. The actions then become a byproduct of the change. Nothing is forced and everything happens naturally. Because of this, we are re-programming or re-designing the mind to have a different perception reality which then manifests physically as such.


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