Defensive Shield - Richard

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Defensive Shield - Richard

Post by OZ on Thu May 25, 2017 7:53 pm

The follow post was given consent.

We have been working with our brother Richard for the past few weeks to remove his Defensive Shield.

The Defensive Shield is a conceptual wall that we create around ourselves as a form of protection. It is created layer by layer from situations where we give our love freely and are returned with a lack of love. Not all situations like this will create layers in a shield however, the shield will always be built upon situations regarding such.

The shield helps us by lowering our sensitivity to love which in turn numbs the pain however, while it prevents us from being hurt, it also prevents us from feeling love in a necessary situation. One may offer us help as a sign of gratitude and rather than thinking they are helping, we may interpret it as them wanting something in return or that we are not capable of doing it ourselves.  

Clearing a shield has many benefits however, just like any other preset, removing them will affect many different things in our experience as presets create every aspect of our perceived reality.

In this discussion we can see exactly that.


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